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"Be open-minded and try these, I have saved loads of money, given these as a gift, and although my original order is still working after 3+ years, I ordered 2 more sets for my home so I can never be without them!! Let go of the stubbornness, science works!!"
- Fleur De Lis

"love!!! just amazing - and natural - it works beautifully and keeps me green.... love!!!!!"
- T.A.

"Can't believe it! I first tried them out on my clothes & they seemed to come very clean. My boyfriend is very picky about his clothes so I was hesitant to use them on his. He likes the smell of the laundry soap. This last time I did laundry I used them on his clothes in hot water & used fabric softener for the smell he likes. He never said a word!! Good by laundry soap!"
- Kathi1

"Crazy but they work! Got these yesterday and did 2 loads today. Clothes came out clean, including blood on my daughters sweatpants. I will wash more loads this weekend. If still pleased I will order sets for my son and niece for college! Amazing. Get them while you can."
- Arnie

"I love these, so I ordered 10 sets for my entire family will be set with Crystal Wash. The only time I ever use any other product with there are when there maybe greasy clothing, then I just add a few drops of Dawn Dish soap. Great money saver."
- S.

"I have had these for over a year now, and they still work wonderful. They leave no soap residue on your clothes and no stiffness that sometimes can come from detergent. I would recommend these to every household. Anyone with sensitive skin, or allergies will be so thankful."
- blebirdnana

"Love, Love these Balls. I bought a set of Crystal Wash 2 years ago and have decided to get another set because they work great and I haven't bought detergent in 2 laundry comes out clean and fresh with these!!"
- Lucy

"Love these Crystal Wash.... I have been using them since they first come out. Sometimes I put a little detergent along with Crystal Wash. (not much, just a little detergent) If this would make you feel better, try doing so.... They really work & save a lot of money too. Not only that, if you use too much detergent, it clogs drains & creates problems with the washer too. In the long run, by using Crystal Wash, you also save on plumbing bills & are safe for the environment. In the winter, I put them on the window sill, where the sun shines the most. I leave them sitting in the sun, or, for a few days on cloudy days. I am soooooo glad they are still available."
- Amkap

"No more mess... I have used these and a similar product for 15 years. No spilled detergent or the need to store large heavy containers. My Clothes have retained shape and color."
- Sanderso

"Great Fresh Feeling. Love these Crystal Wash. Saved money on laundry detergent and cloths came out fresh and clean. Love them."
- Absraiders1

"Great product! This is our second set and we used them for a very long time before I felt it was time for a replacement. The refresh easily when left in the sun which can be a real challenge for many of us in the winter. Great for my hubby who developed a skin sensitivity to most detergents from out of nowhere. Highly recommend."
- Catohio

"Interesting product. I am using this more for my comforters and sheets. Not sure if this would be a product I will use for clothing of a machinist but does a decent job on the other items. It could possibly be a cost saving item for children away at college with low funds."
- T.J.

"Just Received Mine Today. I have done two loads, jury is still out....So far it seems to work Saving $$$."
- Shell

"Money Saver. Clothes are cleaned and no mess with laundry detergent."
- ougirl

"I Love Mine! With Crystal Wash, I can wash a load of clothes in about 25 minutes. I just use the rinse and spin cycle. When used in addition to the dryer balls, it cuts my laundry day into about a third of the time previously Clothes come out clean and fluffy."
- becbec

"Who knew? I have been using these and testing them at the same time. I love that I don't have to buy detergent anymore (and stop reading ingredient labels to see if detergent is eco-skin safe). After I wash I use a reusable lavender sachet for the dryer. I love the results and the simplicity. I live in an apartment and often use multiple washers at a time, so will need to get another set. I gave away the second set to my boyfriend who loves using these as much as I do. He just leaves them in his washer all the time."
- chefkat

"Nice Clean Soft Clothes. This is the second time that I have ordered Crystal Wash and I think they do a better job than detergent. The clothes are cleaner and softer. I ordered a second set just to have when these run out."
- Ann

"Have been using Crystal Wash for YEARS. Have bought a few dozen, have gifted, have sent around the world, have told everyone the would listen about them. What a wonderful and amazing product."
- Sassy

"LOVE LOVE LOVE! I've been using this product for at least 12 years or more. The savings by using Crystal Wash is amazing. As a nurse, at one time, we all had to wear all white. I would wash with laundry detergent and a non-chlorine whitener, do a second rinse with white vinegar (to remove all or any build up that makes whites dingy) and dry with fabric softener. Now add all those items up, multiply that by a year and see the expense. Crystal Wash eliminates ALL laundry products. I even sent them with my oldest granddaughter when she went off to college. The laundry is clean and there is absolutely no need for fabric softener! I would highly recommend this product to anyone."
- Anonymous

"Fantastic! I have used this product for 2 years. It's still going strong. I purchased this for many family members as a gift. I always use some fabric softner and seldom use a half scoop of detergent if I feel the clothes are extra dirty or smelly. I don't know how long 1100 washes are so I just bought another set so that I'm ready for when I can no longer use my first set. I keep my Crystal Wash in the wash all the time and have never preheat them with the water and have never had an oder or yellowing. I seldom remember to leave them in the sun but do every now and again and they still work!!! My experience with this has been fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone!!!"
- F.G.

"NO SOAP IN 6 MONTHS I received these about six months ago, and got them because my husband has eczema and we try and not use anything with dyes and perfumes on his skin. I already use peroxide with a sprayer in the bottle to clean everything! So I thought it would make sense on your clothes too! It really works great so far, I am shocked! The directions say works better in warm water, which I am sure it does, but I use cold water to wash my clothes and it works good to me!"
- Kelly

"Buying again I do about 12 loads of laundry weekly in a large capacity, front-loading HE washer. My mother bought these for me about 6 months ago, as she had tried them. I really really like them. For whites, I did find things came out brighter when I added a little OxyClean, but overall, my laundry came out clean, smelling fresh, and soft (added bonus!). The only reason I didn't give these 5 starts is that after about 5 months, they stopped working so well. So, I got maybe 300 loads out of them as opposed to the 1000+ they advertise, but it's still a huge savings vs. detergent, and much healthier."
- Drea J.

"I'm all about being green and sensitive skin and now I don't have to pay $25 for vegan laundry soup . This works great on my gym, cycle and running clothes and on regular clothing works just as great. "
- Joey

"I was skeptical to say the least. But anything to save some real money. These do the trick. They can be used in HE or regular washers. Plus no allergy problems because there is no soap to be rinsed out. Great for humans and with no chemicals great for pets also. The initial cost looks high but when you add up the chemicals to wash, bleach and soften your clothes this is inexpensive. Wonderful value for your money. "
- Momma

"These are the best..... love love love!!!! I've had these now for about 2 months, just love, love them! they clean better then anything I have tried. I don't like the perfume smell that detergents leave on my clothes ....sensitive to smells...I don't have to use warm water. I keep them in the washer and when i get ready to wash, done. I do use bleach for my towels and whites. Please keep these available!"
- R.C.

"I was very skeptical about these but I thought I would give these a try. I used them all weekend and every load I would pull out of the washer and give a big sniff even my husbands socks and nothing but a fresh clean smell. Amazing, I just hope they keep working. I also bought my mom and mother in law a set for Christmas."
- Missy

"Fantastic! I bought these for both my daughters. They are both struggling in this economy . And they both said their laundry comes out very fresh and clean. What more could a Mom want."
- Mama G.

"Works like real detergent. I bought two more sets because I never want to run out of these. I have not had to buy detergent in over a year. My clothes are clean and do not smell. I do have to be careful not to use them with clothes that have threads that may catch on the balls. Other than that Crystal Wash is great and work well with all my clothes, sheets, towels etc."
- Lena

"Fantastic!! Owning a horse farm, we get our stuff pretty dirty to say the least. This product works! Barn towels, clothes, horse wraps . . . . . all perfectly clean. For a little nice scent, I've started adding Gain Scent Booster and the laundry is perfect!"
- Qweenlet

"I have waited to write a review until I'd use these for a while. My clothes come out clean and smell fresh (I do use a fabric softener because I like the smell). Have to admit, I don't soak the Crystal Wash in hot water for 30 minutes and I'm still very happy with them. I came back and bought several for Christmas gifts and bought me another set for 1000 washes down the road! :)"
- Tamo

"I have never had smelly laundry or laundry that did not come out nice and clean and fresh smelling since using Crystal Wash. I wash 4-5 loads of laundry each week. However, I never leave them remain the the washer after a load, do put them in a sunny window once every few months, and also add a cap of additional OxyClean if I have whites that need a boost of whiteness. My sheets, comforters, dog bedding, and clothes are clean, sanitized, and always fresh smelling like they have been line dried. Remember that hard water, rust in your pipes can also render dry grey or yellow on your whites, so keep your water softener set at the right harness grain for your area and air out your Crystal Wash."
- Anasia

"It Actually Works. I'm surprised with this product, I have done about 20 loads by now since I received this, I was anxious to see if it really works, and it works for me! I soaked them in warm to hot water for 30 mins and throw in a large load, I do pretreat a few clothes that have minor stains which I normally do even when I used liquid detergent. I do use softener on certain loads when I know it needs it, but on normal loads, I don't use any detergent or softener and the clothes comes out clean and smells fesh, I even hang my clothes outside now and they still smell fine! My boyfriend didn't even realized I switched and he said the they smell fresh! As long as my boyfriend doesn't have anything bad to say, that's all that matters the most to me! Plus now I save a lot of money! I purchased 3, one for me and the others for Christmas gifts to family members. Happy Holidays to all and have a safe one as well! :) I wanted to find ways to save money."
- D. Champ

"awesome product! they work wonderful, just as advertised. I ordered a total of three sets, one for my daughter-in-law and one set for my daughter. they are totally amazed by them."
- Anna

"I was not sure when I ordered these if they would really work or not. Washed my husband's dirty farm clothes, and they came out great. Was so pleased with them that I bought sets for our tenants in our rental home, to save them money on laundry detergent, my son, sister, and another set that I will give as a gift when I need one. Would really recommend these to everyone."
- P.L.

"Didn't expect them to work, but they do! I've been using these for about a month now. I was really surprised how well they work. I didn't expect them to, but they do! They have even gotten out stains the commercial detergent couldn't! Really easy to use: just leave them in the washer. Then, once a month, let them dry in the sun. Easy. "
- B.

"I have wash everything I could think of and everything came out very clean and bright. I will be ordering more and my mother wants to try same now. If you are on the fence just jump off and try them."
- ytellher

"Refreshing! I'm pretty impressed with Crystal Wash! I've been using them for about 2 weeks and I haven't been disappointed yet. I've washed towels and my husband's work clothes and am very pleased with the results. I ordered 2 sets because of the reviews and will definitely be ordering more so I don't run out. Does this company have a product for the dryer too? :@) I would love to try it also if they do. Love this product."
- F.G.

"Above and Beyond Expectation. I was at a bonfire last night and sat directly next to the fire. I had my feet propped on the bricks around the fire. I came home threw all of my clothes including my shoes in the wash with Crystal Wash, fully expecting having to wash the clothes twice. Not necessary because everything came out totally clean! I even dried everything first just to really make sure there wasn't any lingering smoke odor. If you were curious if they really clean your clothes, they do. I can't imagine any better test."
- Wen.

"I've been back for more!! I don't know how or why these work, but they do. I first bought them for my veterinary clinic to give them the real test--I have now bought a second set. I then tried them at home and have been very satisfied. I found that I did need to add something to make whites bright."
- Steve.

"DON'T WAIT -- BUY NOW!!! Crystal Wash are by far, my best purchase ever! I have washed rugs, towels, clothes, sheets and cannot say enough about how pleased I am with this purchase. I soak the Crystal Wash in hot water for 15-30 mins. before I put them in the machine -- my clothes come out clean with a fresh clean scent. The longer Crystal Wash soaks, the more your clothes will have a fresh clean smell. I have bought 3 more sets as gifts. I am very sensitive to fragrances in detergents, soaps, lotions, etc, so this is exactly what I need -- no chemicals! And most importantly, they are good for 1000 loads -- I will purchase another set in about 2.5 years - WOW!!! Also, I wash everything in cold water but I soak them first in hot water in a bowl before I begin my wash cycle. ENJOY!!!"
- Talla.

"SO FAR SO GOOD. These really are working. I thought no way but like I said SFSG. Thanks!"
- Max

"Amazzzballs! So far I have done about 10 loads. It is working well for my situation. I will say that I wear my clothes once and then in the wash it goes. So far I really like Crystal Wash. They clean my clothes well. I love the fact that all I need to do is drop my clothes in the washer and forget about the liquids and powders. If I want scent I just add fabric softener and it's all good."
- Blossum

"I WAS TOTALLY SHOCKED!!! I was unreally sure how this could work but I thought give it a try. Wow, it does work. I told all my friends you have to try these. No more detergent for me and my family. I'm planning on getting some for my grown kids."
- Carol

"This SERIOUSLY works!!!!!!! I have already told my mom and my best friend about these laundry cleaners!!! I throw them in with my towels and NOTHING else. I then dry my towels in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet and they are super fluffy!!!! I have had them almost a month and they have already paid for themselves with the detergent savings!!! DON'T HESITATE, BUY THEM!!!!"
- Anonymous

"These really work! I gave these a try and LOVE them! My laundry comes out clean and fresh every time. "
- S.S.

"They Work! Not sure how it does it, but clothes and towels are clean and smell fresh. Love the savings and that it is all natural!"
- Lou M.

"Great money saver! I have only been using Crystal Wash for a week but I love them. My laundry comes out brighter and love that they are allergen free!"
- C. Tex

"Better Than Expected! Wow! Crystal Wash blew my expectations away! It performed as well as the more expensive laundry soap -- my clothes came out bright and clean. I did use my regular softener with it to add the smell that I like and I also still add bleach to my whites. I was not sure how it will work with my HE washer in the beginning because it does not use a lot of water but my wash came out noticeably fresh and clean. I will be buying more so I do not run the risk of not having these due to being sold out. I will never be buying laundry soap anymore! "
- yoliefer

"You won't be sorry! Everyone needs to order these! I am very impressed with this product...hurry and order, because when this secret gets out I can imagine the price will be higher if sold in stores...great product, great price...can't stress it enough how much I love this product..."
- Jan Rey

"Great Product! This looked like a great idea, so I ordered 3 sets, will give 2 sets away to my adult kids for Christmas. I tried out my set, and while everything is coming out clean, I noticed that when I washed sheets the balls get caught in the elastic of the fitted sheet. I pulled out a big twisted and turned mess of sheets from the washer because the ball being caught up causes the sheet to twist up. I just think they do better washing separate items, so I only gave it 4 stars. Great otherwise! "
- I.L.

"Outstanding. Have the original set. Ordered this set for my parents. They work so well. Everything comes out clean and fresh. No need for detergent anymore. These will save money and are good for the environment. Very happy and great price. "
- B.B.

"I have been using my first pair for over a year. Just replaced them as one broke and the beads were leaking out. I bought 2 sets. Just to make sure I had a set in reserve. I two use the scent beads, a little stain remover for really ugly stains and fabric softener. However, I believe that if you average out my laundry expenses now, it went from almost $60.00 to $80.00 a month to about $6,00 a month. I get fresh clean clothes every time, and don't have to remember anything but putting the clothes in the washer if I choose. I try to remember to take Crystal Wash out and put them in a window to dry, but sometimes I forget. They still work wonderfully! I have recommended them to others as after all, you can return them within 30 days if you think we are all wrong! What have you got to lose? Except more of your hard earned CASH for laundry soap?!? Hey, those manufacturers are already rich, keep some $ for you!"
- YPease

"These are great, have helped greatly with skin break outs. Have not purchased expensive detergents for over a year. Clothes come out looking great... My only suggestion would be to place possibly, a color dot ??? that would change colors with extended use so you know when it is getting time to replace. I do not know of any one that keeps track of how many washes have been made."
- P.

"Love This!!! I must say that I'm over impressed with the effectiveness of this product! I found myself washing load after load of laundry just to test Crystal Wash's performance out. And boy did they perform well! I didn't even have fabric softener at the time (which is a big deal for me because I hate stiff or scratchy clothing) and all of my clothes came out fresh smelling and as soft as if I'd used softener as well! I even washed my son's cloth diapers with Crystal Wash, and they came out amazingly clean! I'm going to tell all of my family and friends about this product. Definitely a cool idea for a housewarming gift! Don't hesitate, get your set today!"
- Alee

"I love these! Just bought four more sets for gifts."
- A.

"Fresh AND Clean. These are just wonderful!!! Clothes are really fresh smelling, but most of all very clean."
- Snigiro

"They really work!!! Love these! I've used these for 7 months now. They're great. No more lugging home detergent and fabric softener for me. I love that they're natural. I'm not adding chemicals to my clothes. All I have to buy is stain remover for those stubborn stains and that's it. They leave your clothes so soft. You've gotta try them!"
- 2babies

"Wonderful and Convenient. I bought two sets of these and will be back for more. I love them."
- pacecarwoman

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I bought these a little over a year ago and I am truly amazed at how well they work. After testing them out for several months I was so sold that I ordered a set for each of my grown children for Christmas. They are all still using them and love that they don't ever have to worry about buying laundry detergent any longer. I guess it might be about time to order some more to refresh the ones they have been using all year - this might just be a regular Christmas gift for them every year. If you are on the fence on these just jump off and get them, you won't regret it."
- B. Grant

"BEST PURCHASE EVER! Purchased Crystal Wash, they are fantastic! Can't say enough good things about them. They clean your clothes and your clothes smell clean. I use stain remover and that is all. Don't have to worry about detergent smell some are so flowery this has a clean smell and cleans your clothes. Thank you for a great product!"
- Cicc

"KEEP IN STOCK PLEASE FOR GIFTS! My family would love getting this instead of a regular purchased gift. Do you know how much you save? and with NO chemicals? Even buying the cheapest detergent I save $100 a year, maybe $200. Whoever thought this up was indeed a genius! Now I feel like a queen; I never have to carry a ten pound tub again! And at my age....and, they work! Just as good if not better than other detergents and NO CHEMICALS!"
- Denese

"Holey Moley..... Get Back Jack!!!!! Have been using Crystal Wash for about a year now. I will never throw away hard earned money on detergent again....I do use the new laundry scent beads, but hey, that's merely a drop in the bucket compared to the price of detergent!"
- Abbernathy

"GREAT PRODUCT! I have used these for a year now and just ordered my 2nd set; they work GREAT! My laundry is always clean, it's gentle on our clothes and I never have to worry about running out of detergent."
- P.R.L.

"I have sensitive skin and Crystal Wash is amazing! Not only do they get my clothes clean and soft, but now I don't have to buy the expensive hypoallergenic detergent I used to purchase. All I do is check for stains, pretreat, and I'm good to go! Would definitely recommend this product to anyone."
- M.

"I purchased Crystal Wash in hopes they would work. What could be better for our environment and pocketbooks. Well, they are great, very fresh and clean clothes. Unbelievable product!"
- Ruth B.

"Clean Just Clean! I purchased these about one year ago. I can not tell you how much money I have saved. I do use just a little downey in the wash because I like the smell, but for one year, we have been almost detergent free! (I do use some detergent for the gym clothes and Softball clothes, but just a tiny tiny bit). Everything is clean and soft. Thank you for this money saving item!"
- H.

"You have got to try these !! I bought the original set about a year ago. Now I am coming back for more ! They work wonderfully and I have not purchase laundry soap for a year !!! Clean clothes and soft !! with two babies and using cloth diapers .. it cleans it all away ! I will not go without these ever !"
- M.T.

"Works Perfectly!! I have the original set and love them....bought two more. They are great as gifts and I love hearing the responses from my familky and friends after they try them. No scent....just clean!"
- Rosie V.

"Money Saver. I purchased this 6 months ago and have been extremely happy. My son just purchased a new home and I'm buying these for him. Plus one of the girls I work with was so impressed with what I told her that she wants a set too. Don't hesitate."
- Nana B.

"I was not sure they could do what they advertised but believe or not these two balls are the best. Clothes are lighter, softer and cleaner."
- P. G.

"I Did Not Think It Would Work... But They work!!!!! I wash everything and it comes out clean."
- Charm

Here is Our Promise to You!
We know you will love Crystal Wash. All you have to do is try it for a few loads of laundry and you will see for yourself. If you are not completely satisfied, we ask you to take advantage of our 60-day money back guarantee. This gives you ample time to see how Crystal Wash will Save You Money, Be Better for the Environment, and More Gentle on Fabrics!